2 Months 3 Weeks

16 Dec

The usual routine of the pimply pustule rash has died down nicely. Although, i wouldn’t be surprised that this isn’t the last time i see him. I still get random small little pustules over my chest and arms but not as spotty and noticeable as the past flare. This week’s skin has been good, and when i say good i mean not perfect/healed but better than most weeks. My face still weeps slightly once putting moisturiser on but hasn’t been as bad as last week.

I went out to dinner with my partner and his parents last night and it is always hard to eat out in front of them as they support me but because english is their second language i think they dont completely understand what i am doing. Food is such a big deal to asian cultures and i remember telling my mother in law (she isn’t really, but we shall call her that to make it easier) when i stopped my strict diet i was on after the homeopathic treatment, she was jumping for joy as she didn’t really believe in it and thought i’d lost too much weight. Last night i ate things that are my ‘naughty foods’ (yes, i am 12 at heart) such as salami, bacon and a sugar fruit drink that had lemonade in it which i thought was 100% real fruit. So, in the next couple of days lets hope my skin stays as it is now.

What is making me excited is as of next weekend i will be at the Sunshine Coast laying on the beach and bathing myself in sea water for hours on end. Every time i go to the beach my skin clears within a week or two, so as soon as i’m there, everyday i will make a routine to at least have a small dip in the salt water (what a hard task to stick to, i know). My mum says i need to live at the beach which seems like a good idea for my skin, although my life at the moment is still in Brisbane, so that is a hard task. It is also sad knowing that within a few days after being home my skin returns to its normal itchy blotches. Dont get me wrong, the sun may do a bit of camouflaging with the redness when my skin soaks up the sun, but the itch definitely dulls down along with the overall intensity. And this has been the case all my life. I remember having eczema on my wrists and arms when i was younger and going to the beach for a couple of weeks over Christmas and the beach would just wash away all existence of it. How i wish i had that skin which i thought was sooo bad back then, now look at me.

As my top half has been improving, so has my bottom but only slightly. The backs of my knees have been itchier than ever. I barely used steroid cream on that area after I was about in grade seven roughly. Now I can’t even bend my legs because after a couple of seconds of it getting hot in the creases it makes me itch straight away. The overall flare and redness is looking flatter and duller which is good but i still am scratching it till it bleeds regularly.

I also noticed a large lump on my armpit that must be an infected hair follicle or something but i took a photo of it as boils, lumps and bumps have been a reoccurring topic of this week’s ITSAN Facebook page. Without that page I would be completely lost. What i went through during my homeopathic treatment was the worse time of my life and with others that have similar problems, going through the same thing, my journey of becoming completely healed has become just that much easier 🙂

I am travelling to Japan late in January and i have never been overseas before so it is a pretty big deal for myself. My partner and i are going at the coldest time of their year – February, so any of my American and European ITSAN friends that have any tips for how to keep my skin in okay condition whilst in freezing cold climates please let me know. Like i said i have never been overseas and the coldest it really gets in Australia is like 16 so this is going to be a completely new experience for me. I am worried about being too warm in my clothes and sweating or is that not possible in that kind of temperature and also the craving for hot showers which make things worse. Anyway, if my skin stays like this whilst i am gone i will be happy because the last thing i want to think about when im enjoying my travels is my itchy red skin!

Merry Christmas all

cracked and very itchy knee

cracked and very itchy knee

DSCF0400 DSCF0399 DSCF0398

weird infected hair follicle/ pimple/ boil

weird infected hair follicle/ pimple/ boil

DSCF0394 DSCF0392

slightly weeping cheek

slightly weeping cheek

only few pimples compared to last week

only few pimples compared to last week

weird infected hair follicle/pimple/ boil

weird infected hair follicle/pimple/ boil


4 Responses to “2 Months 3 Weeks”

  1. Leela Angelina December 16, 2012 at 4:59 pm #

    Hey Hannah, i swear your my skin twin,,lolz not that a good thing at the moment, when i read your blog or issues on the Facebook forum I’m going thru the same thing,, its nuts . i have a giant red welt on my leg that’s killer at the moment, and hoping its just a nasty ingrown hair, ( gross ) i know. hoping your feeling better soon, get some beach time.. for me going to the beach is like -15 right now…lolz nasty. best advice i can give you for the cold is keep moisturized, the air will suck what ever is left outta you when you get out doors, but the plus cold air seems to make you less itchy so its kinda one of those situation,, have an awesome time in japan. always wanted to go there. also if you enjoy the cold we could trade places : i take the warm Australian sun, and your can get my Canadian cool temps 🙂
    Also do you mind if i link your page to my blog?? TTYL Leela Angelina

  2. Loren December 17, 2012 at 8:11 am #

    Ouch!! Xxoo

  3. Mandy January 9, 2013 at 2:07 am #

    Hi Hannah,
    Where in Japan are you going?? I live in Japan and am also going through TSW. Doing pretty good overall at the start of my fifth month. If you’re headed down to Kyushu, it would be great to meet another red skinner! 🙂

    • hannahwhiteley January 9, 2013 at 12:09 pm #

      Hi Mandy,
      That’s so exciting to know! I would love to meet up with you! Unfortunately i am not going that far to Kyushu but am only stopping at Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo. I am not sure if Osaka is too far for you to travel to? I would love to be as far along as you are at five months. getting to six months seems like a dream come true. How do you manage in your climate at the moment? Were you born in Japan?
      Wishing you very happy healing!

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